29/920 Barbara’s update


Even in Level 2 we could still access some of our activities so the Gentle Exercise Group (Alan S, Beth and Craig B and myself) have been attending each Friday at Ascot Ave.  Craig is the only original group member, still going strong after all this time.  The instructor, Michelle, mixes up the class so we don’t get bored.  The music is always great, and our ability is variable, but we are always motivated by the thought of morning tea.  Lorraine is a very good timekeeper and tells Michelle, and us, how long we have till it is coffee time!  We had some ball skills today, which is always fun, but no-one will be getting a call up to the Silver Ferns or the Wellington Phoenix…I’m sure they would be relieved to hear that!

We go to the Naked Baker for morning tea.  Everyone knows us and we have a table reserved, which is great.  We laugh and talk and enjoy the food and drinks – the order is always the same – muffins, milkshakes, coffee and a sausage roll.  I try and tempt Alan and Beth with the array of food but no, they are creatures of habit.

Lately, we have gone down to the Estuary to feed the seagulls which is such fun.  It is exciting to throw bread while dodging air drops from thankful seagulls.  It’s even more fun when the Easterly blows (which seems to be always), we have to avoid incoming seagulls as the bread flies back on us and they fight to get it.

Wednesday Sensory Group (Joe, Matt D and Murdoch) have had an interesting time as we all enjoy the morning, usually with the wonderful Catherine.  I’m sure I am more excited than ‘the guys’ when new things are introduced. Murdoch is great at using new items including the trampoline, don’t worry not a full tramp, a small version…I am tempted but it has a weight limit.

McDonalds for morning tea is a bit more complicated now we are back to Level 2, but the Macca’s taste the same.  With social distancing in place we have not seen our regular friends, which is sad.  Joe especially loves talking to his friends and used to love reading the paper but that’s no longer available.

No Choir at the moment…we had no choir, then we went back to choir to practise for the concert, then no concert and no choir!!  We had learnt new songs, lots of Beatles songs and Maori songs with actions – Paul Mac and Sarah A really make the poi’s fly and Clement and Anne have been bringing their guitar and ukulele along to play.  Fay, Michelle, Anne, Clement, John G, Paul Mac and Sarah A were all looking forward to the concert.  Hopefully we can have a Christmas concert at the end of the year and 2021 will be a better year for all of us.

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