Angela Staff Update

Angela Staff Update

It’s mid-August and spring has sprung. The mood within AJs is happy one and there is a buzz in the air.

With the worst of the sickness behind us, it feels like a “full house” at AJs.  This term we welcomed back students from high schools who come to AJs for work experience. Along with visitors who have dropped in.

Recently we have been busy in the workroom with various printing jobs. These have involved the placing of inserts, folding, bagging, labelling, collating and counting.

We have also been assembling jobs which involve nuts screws and signage.

As well as processing newspaper, which involves separating, folding and shredding ready to be delivered to Orana Park.

Jim is a dab hand at creating jigs enabling everyone to try their hand at various jobs, so there is always something to everyone.

Tuesday morning Allan, Jimmy, Hayden and recently Te Hia Hia visit a library to choose DVDs to play within the workroom, or in Allan’s case watch at home. This outing is a relaxed social break from the busy workroom, and always incorporates morning tea somewhere, which everyone looks forward to.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of the daily goings on of AJ’s we have some dedicated people who step up tot the tasks of morning tea and lunch clean up. This involves rinsing dishes, loading the dishwasher, unloading it, wiping the dining room tables and at lunch time vacuuming the dining room floor. The chores are shared by many, some are regulars on the roster who have designated days, Cameron, Ralph, Laureen, Hayden, Ben N-F, Angelique, Kevin, Craig, Georgia, and Stephen. Then there are people who willingly fill-in when required, Bethany, Sarah P, Gina, Paul R, Josh, Clement, Harrison and Laughie.

Cameron M is responsible for emptying the rubbish bins on Tuesdays, then getting the wheelie bins ready for the collection the following morning.

Friday Craig and Kevin sweep the entire workroom, which Kevin proceeds to mop, ready for the following Monday.

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