Caitlin – Staff Update

Caitlin’s Update

As I am coming to the end of my first year working at AJ’s everything has been busy with work and routines coming together. I am very happy to have graduated from being called ‘New girl’ by Jimmy Keeley (sorry Jacob) and be a regular in and about at AJ’s.

Most days I take one on one FOCUS activities with clients varying what we do depending on their individual interest and goals. On Monday’s the “J’s” are the most consistent with Joe, Jack and Joseph going every week. Joe M has been working on upper body strength focusing mainly on boxing and push-ups. Jack and I stretch in the workshop and Joseph walks with me whenever the weather fine. In the afternoon I take a Pool group mainly consisting of Eddy, Lewis, Sam and Nick T. Recently we have been doing this at the Pool table of AJ’s so the whole workshop gets to hear us make foul calls at each other.

On Tuesdays I spend the morning in the workshop and the afternoon out for a walk with Paul Maylam.  Our highlight walk so far has been going to Alice’s DVD store with room and rooms full of DVD’s.

Working through the selection of day walks around Christchurch has been a focus of my Wednesday active group.  Matt K, Ben M and Nick F were happy to get to see the new footbridges along the Te Ara Ōtākaro Avon River Trail last week after getting rained on halfway the week before. Harley B and I consistently exercise on a Wednesday afternoon with walking being our most regular activity. We are quite well known around the local area for stopping and having a chat or a look around what Philipstown has to offer.

Thursday Morning means Timezone for Chris and I. We take an additional 2 clients with us (Kyle, Jack, Simon, Georgia, Josh and Anthony). While Chris plays mostly racing games, the rest of us explore all the games on offer. Dancing with the ladies is my first Thursday afternoon activity. Laureen, Georgia, Sophie and I listen to our favourite music (mostly ABBA) and have a boogie for about 30mins. Georgia knows all the lyrics and sings along quietly, whereas the rest of us are loud and sing along with whatever words we feel. After this Helen and I work-out together. Recently we have been walking past the dog day-care near us so we can see the dogs out for their daily walks.

On Fridays I do FOCUS with Craig B in the morning, we walk to different places and take the bus back to AJ’s. Craig really enjoys taking the bus and exploring all the sites Chch has to offer.  Every other week I take John N out to find the best Café in walking distance. When we get to the Café, John uses his book to keep me up to date on all the topics on the news. In the Afternoon Harrison and I do exercise together. Recently we have been practicing Frisbee throws together.

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