FOCUS 14/7/2020

After our time in Lockdown we are back into the swing of things at AJ’s. It was amazing how everyone dealt with the changes and adapted to the ‘new normal’ so quickly.

FOCUS is a part of AJ’s – getting clients ‘Moving More than Before’.

Last term we, at FOCUS, were busy with different walks, Rapaki, Halswell Quarry, Bowenvale, Rogers Track, Hagley Park and activities such as weights at AJ’s, skipping (with a skipping rope), running and exercises.

We have done some great walks with the Wednesday group – Harley A, Nick F and Justin and sometimes Matthew. We leave AJ’s at 0915 and head to the supermarket to get a piece of fruit for morning tea before we walk for up to two hours then return to AJ’s for lunch. Over time, these guys have developed a good rapport and the conversations are held and carried on naturally. They play games and interact well which makes the walking task very easy.

At the end of the term, when it rained every day for two weeks, there were many different activities done around AJ’s:

  • Weight Machine       –              To build strength
  • Skipping                       –              To increase Cardio
  • Circuits                       –              A variety of different exercises
  • Trampoline Park       –              A treat at the end of term

Monday to Thursday I do 1-1 with many people, Ben M, Georgia, Matthew, Anthony, Sam T, Christopher H, Joseph, Helen, Murdoch, Jack, Kyle, Daniel, Clement and Laughain. It is weather dependent – maybe a walk around the old stadium, two or three walks around the block, work on the weight machine or circuits up stairs.

FOCUS is going really well and I am noticing that people are coming to me to make sure they get their work out done before they head away for any community activities they may have during the day.

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