Julia-Grace Staff Update

Julia-Grace Staff Update

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well despite the bugs going round and covid having a bit of a surge again in Christchurch.

During the week I do a few FOCUS sessions, with the FOCUS program we do with the guys I do a few one-on-one sessions. The primary goals are normally fitness related.

On a Tuesday Kaine enjoys going for a walk past the motorbike shop and catching the bus back. Also, on Tuesday Joseph likes to go on a fast-paced walk when the weather is good. Then after that Jack does his set leg exercises but then likes to finish doing some weights exercises.  On Thursday afternoons Helen likes to smash out some boxing exercises, and after that Laureen, Sophie and sometimes Georgia like to do some dancing to some of their favourite from ABBA songs. Finally on Fridays Hamish and Jeff like to play the cup game against me, which is a twisted version of beer pong with no alcohol but instead when someone gets the ping-pong ball in the cup, we do various boxing exercises or throws with the vortex. Following that Clement likes to do some rowing and Matthew B does some throwing exercises with a miniature rugby ball.

Another fitness activity I do with some of the guys is two times a week I do some one-on-one Taekwondo sessions. Biddy, Anthony, Daniel, Harrison, Te Hia Hia and Callum have chosen to take this up. Harrison and Anthony really seem to enjoy the pad work and some of the basic self-defence moves we have started to learn. Biddy, Te Hia Hia and Daniel however seem to favor learning the pattern more. The pattern they are learning is Taeguek 1 of Taekwondo and it puts a lot of the fundamental moves of Taekwondo in a sequence together. They are all doing very well with learning this.

On a Monday I take a small group bowling that has two regulars with Ayden and Ross.  The others who rotate through monthly are Laurel, Hamish and Kyle. Some people who also come occasionally as fill-ins are Daniel, Harrison, Harley A and Eddy. They are all pretty good sports about who wins, but there definitely seems to be some enjoyment from them all beating me, and some definite love for the curly fries they get as a morning tea snack.

On a Wednesday I take two groups out in the afternoon, that alternate every other week, one week it’s the boys – Jack, Daniel and Harrison, and the other week it is the girls – Lyric and Alecia. These are themed outings so the people in the group get decided what they want to do as their outing. The boys currently have chosen to spend their outings mainly working on a movie project, they are the stars of the film and Jack and Daniel came up with story. The girls like a bit more variety, they have chosen to go to the café, tie-dye shirts, make bracelets, go to Timezone and so on. Recently though both groups decided they would like to go and check out the street art exhibition at museum before it closes for a while. They all seemed to enjoy it and like following the maps they gave us as we went through.

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