Julia-Grace – Staff Update

Julia-Grace – Staff Update

First few weeks back at AJS and getting used to red level.

Everyone has been getting back into the swing of things and working well. Everyone seems pleased that community activities can go ahead during red level as long as they have a vaccine pass.

The activities I support.

The bowling group on Monday now has a permanent booking for Mondays. Ayden has been very curious about the booster shot and likes asking the ask the staff there about how they found it. Everyone gets very excited when some gets strike or a spare.

The one on one Taekwondo exercises have also stared back slowly with some. They seem to love doing a ki-hap (Korean word which translates to ‘yell’) on every tenth punch or block.

On Wednesday activities have been back on. Jack, Alecia and Lyric have been planning what activities they would like to try a do this year in their pairs. Last year we had done things like going the museum, cafes, playing board games, a tie-dye project and various other things.

The fitness session on Friday are also back on. We’ve been working on goal setting as well as working out which types of exercise they would like to do so there some variation for them. Clelemnt loves to use the rowing machine as he races along iron man until the timer goes off. Jeff would like to be the next Joseph Parker. While Hamish just likes to beat me in which fitness related game we choose to play.

Overall it has been great to back and it is awesome to have people back.

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