Mary’s Staff Update

Mary – Staff Update

Hi all

We have been waiting for the warmer weather to arrive and thankfully it is now just around the corner.  I hope everyone has got through Covid unscathed and look forward to life going back to normal…or maybe a form of new normal.  Everyone at AJs has been amazing throughout this time – the clients have adhered to all the rules with ease thanks to the support from their families and carers.

The Candlemaker @ AJs has been very busy with school orders coming in and the many regular customer orders we get – we have also had quite a few new customers this year. 

Kevin has been working hard pouring the candles and preparing them for decoration.  He loves to help out and is very kind to the other workers in the candle room…especially to us ‘little old grey-haired ladies’.

Alecia always comes in with a smile on her face and a big “hi”.  We always have a bit of a chat about her week before she gets to work.  Once a month Alecia, John G and I walk down to Vivace for morning tea – Alecia and I enjoy a hot chocolate and John says they make the best iced coffees!

Biddy likes to check to see if she is on the Polybat list to play in the afternoon before she comes in…this lets me know how much work I need to have out for her. She is independent in her work and leaves the vat room clean and tidy.

Michelle and Sharon enjoy coming into the candle room together to work on workshop jobs.  They obviously feel more confident and comfortable now as on arrival Michelle will always look over my shoulder to read my list of orders and comments on future dates on the calendar.  It’s wonderful to hear Sharon’s conversation extend as she answers my questions and her sense of humour show through.

Every chance Laureen gets, she will ask me if she is coming in to the candle room on Friday.  She comes in with such a level of excitement it makes me smile.  She chats away and enjoys a good laugh…you can’t help laughing along with her.

Annie has returned to AJs at last, albeit only on Fridays.  I have missed her and she loves to remind me she is only here for one day!

Sadly, Maggie has now retired from AJs – we miss her and wish her all the very best and hope she enjoys her new relaxing routine. 

The workroom has been busy with the usual contracts from Fulton Hogan, Modular, Aucom, Every Educaid and printing firms Inkwise, Spectrum Print, Caxton Print and Skyline Folders.  Jim has just taken his annual holiday and I helped out with some rush printing jobs.  It was fun working with all the team and I certainly had a substantial increase in the steps on my Smartwatch by the end of the day!

We have had quite a few birthdays celebrated lately and some very tasty treats arrived to share.  We also have some lovely neighbours (Ambience Tiling) who occasionally share some yummy cakes and slices they have with us.  These are a very tempting snack for morning tea but not so good for the waistline!

Simon’s Mum (Linda, thank you) brought in several boxes filled with bags of RITZ Cracker Bites to share out to everyone – we all got a bag each and it was noticed that some of the clients had decided not to take them home but eat the whole bag themselves…what a treat for them and a big smile spread over their faces when we asked them about it!  There was enough to hand out a second bag each…yes, we encouraged them to take them home this time!

We have already heard the word ‘Christmas’ floating around the workroom and as much as we try to avoid it, we know it’s looming.  Personally, I am a big fan of Christmas and look forward to the barrage of Christmas carols and the decorations put up.  It is the youngest staff who enlists the help of a number of clients to decorate AJs – Jacob is responsible at the moment and when we mention it, he will often ask that we get someone younger when we employ more staff!  I am one of those annoying people that gets organised early…yes, I have written out my gift list and purchased a number of presents already!  Take care everyone and happy Christmas shopping whenever you start.

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