Matt’s Staff Update:

Matt’s Staff Update

My turn again for an update. I finally got hit by covid, but was lucky it wasn’t too bad for me. There’s some in the Monday Film Group who said they haven’t had it yet. Hopefully they manage to avoid it totally. We’ve been trying to do a number of different film related projects over the last wee while since things have been a little different. We’ve been working on a camera rig lately, called a steadicam, to help the guys with using the camera, and also help with different camera angles too. Another project we’ve been doing is looking at video effects, and camera filming tricks to get some cool shots. We’ll get back into our main project soon once we’ve finished with these side projects, but will replan some parts, which Nick F, Sam T, Lewis, Cam H, Ben M, and Eddie are keen to do.

Monday afternoons have been a little nicer lately with the weather getting warmer. Going for walks with Matt K have been good, even if trying to keep up with his break-neck speed can be fun. It does mean though, that we can get a good distance walk in. Generally doing about 8kms on Monday afternoons.

Tuesdays I’m currently in the unit as we haven’t been doing RISK. I’ve really enjoyed being in the workroom with the guys and churning through the different jobs that come in. Having a chance to have a good laugh with some, and catch up with what some others have been up to.

Then on Wednesday I’m back out again, going to the Sensory room in the morning. Joe and Murdoch are still the regulars every week, with Kaine and Oscar now alternating for the third spot. Not having to wear face masks in the Pioneer Centre anymore, has been a great relief to the guys. Trying to remember them, and then not lose them, is one less hassle it’s good to live without.

Thursday mornings I’m back in the unit on the workroom floor before heading out in the afternoon for polybat. It’s our over-winter, Thursday sport activity, and is a modified version of Table Tennis. We also get in some table tennis as well. We’ve had a huge variety of skills coming along, as the group can be quite different each week. We do have a few permanents with, Matt K, Ross, and Ayden, and then our regulars with, Anthony, Hamish, Paul Mc, Paul Roberts, Kyle, Jack, Biddy, and Callum. On occasion we’ve had TeHiaHia, Sophie, Nick F, and Sam T, as well as others, that will also go as they choose.

Then to end the week, the Young Guys group are still doing their outings on Friday mornings. For most of the year we’ve been doing the AJs shopping every second week. It’s been a good chance to help the guys with shopping skills, and how to look for good deals. As well as, helping us with healthier morning tea options, as we get some fresh fruit and a healthy drink. As with many of the activities this year, there have been interruptions to who has been coming. Sam T, Harley B, and Nick F are the main group. As needed, they’ve invited Harrison, Clement, Harley A, Ben N/F, Stephen, Eddie, and others, join as well. Some have been lucky enough to score our big end of month outing, where we do something as a special activity, like Laser Strike etc. Then finally on Friday afternoons, I’m in the unit, keeping an eye on things, and making sure it runs like a well-oiled machine.

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