Mary – It’s been a slow start to life after lockdown in the candle room, with many church celebrations being postponed, but they are now rebooking dates and the orders have begun to come in.  During this quiet time, we have stocked up our shelves in anticipation of orders for the end-of-year school leaver candles…the year has flown so fast, December will be upon us in no time!

A lovely outcome to lockdown is the presence of some of our more mature clients in the candle room.  As we had to ‘spread out’ in level two, they came in with their work from the workroom and never left!  It is generally a room of ‘mature grey-haired ladies’ who enjoy the quiet and warmth, with Kevin coming in on Thursday and Friday bringing his cheeky and cherry attitude to keep us on our toes!  Annie often comments on how ‘cosy’ it is and Maggie strides in as if she has always worked in here. We also enjoy the company of Laureen, Michelle, Helen and Sharon who enjoy a session or two throughout the week. 

As the orders begin to come in, I will bring our regular candle workers back in to help…Alecia, Cameron M and Biddy have been patient but also enjoying their time in the workroom and their usual community activities.  Remember to pop in and see our special candles (or browse our website – they are a wonderful personalised gift which are made with such care…our candlemakers have every reason to be proud of themselves.

I will be busy booking all the Red Cross courses next week – every AJ’s staff member must keep their first aid qualification valid.  It will be slightly different this year as we can now do half of our revalidation online with only the scenarios and resuscitation segments done at the premises with the tutor…technology at its finest, as it only takes half a day!  I always have a giggle when I attend the course, as my daughter had her photo taken for the Red Cross book 10 years ago and it’s always on the screen when I arrive and now on the first page of the App…obviously they felt no need to rush and update it along with the other technological updates they have made!

Stay warm and dry everyone – great to see signs of Spring popping up!

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