Tuam 27/7/20 – Angela


The new normal at AJ’s has given us the opportunity to make changes, some of them small, but have had a big impact.

The table configuration throughout the workroom and dining room has created more space for everyone.  The freshly painted tabletops have lightened up the room and the new sofa arrangement is more appealing.  A shuffle of lockers has created a new space, allowing the table tennis, model train set and the pool table the room they require to be used.  A couple of extra monitors, to allow personal DVD’s to be watched, has been appreciated.

Over the past three months since lockdown, we have had a steady supply of work dropped to us to be completed, which we are very grateful for – Fulton Hogan, OJ’s, Every Educaid, Alto, Griffin Press, Modular and Carton Pack.

Tuesday mornings, Jim K, Allan W, and Hayden D and myself, visit a library so the lads can issue DVDs.  We visit a supermarket to purchase fruit and supplies we will require during the week and amongst this we have morning tea.  This social outing has created many learning opportunities, which the three have embraced…it is very rewarding. 

Wednesday morning someone prepares the fruit for morning tea…peeling, cutting then presenting it on a tray.  It is always refreshing and a nice change instead of a biscuit from the tin.

Thursday morning we like to have something light and tasty for morning tea. We always have people keen to have a turn in the kitchen and recently we have had crackers with hummus, pikelets, and savoury pinwheels.  The crackers and pikelets were so well received we have had them twice!  

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