Tuam Street Workshop

Tuam Street Workshop.

This unit is located at 426 Tuam St, which is in a busy industrial area of Christchurch. The unit is within walking distance of several recreational facilities such as a movie theatre and bowling alley. The Eastgate mall and library are five minutes away on the local bus route.

The unit is a large building including a storeroom, workroom and kitchen dining area split into three rooms.

There are six experienced staff, most with a well recognised qualification, providing the required support to the clients each day. All staff have adopted the underlining philosophy of AJs, which is to empower the individual and further develop their independence.

The unit caters for 35 people on any day. At least two groups with 2 to 4 individuals access community activities each day.

The facility based activities are mainly aimed at individuals who enjoy structured work type tasks, however some alternative activities are also provided to meet individuals choices.

The unit has work contracts with many local businesses involving tasks such as assembling electrical components, counting and packing plastic bags, collating and stuffing envelopes, etc.

Other activities are based on an individuals interest which at present include computer skills, model making, cooking, baking and some simple craft projects.

The unit has a strong emphasis on accessing community activities and facilities wherever possible. The type of community activities are dependent on the clients choice and include swimming, golf, rollerblading, pottery groups and playing pool at the local pub.